Veterinary Hospitals Courier Service

Veterinary Hospitals Courier Service
Direct & Dedicated Delivery

Veterinary Hospitals Courier Service
Hawk Couriers work closely with veterinary practitioners to provide reliable courier options for urgent, time critical sample delivery across the UK. 


Our Veterinary Samples Courier Service
The veterinary industry often relies on same day, rapid delivery of samples to operate successfully, and Hawk Couriers are best equipped for the job. 
We operate a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles driven by highly qualified drivers, and can deliver a range of veterinary samples including blood, DNA and other specimens. We understand the importance of providing a service that isn’t only safe and secure, but can operate at a speed to match the fast-paced environment of a veterinary hospital. 
Our drivers have a wealth of experience in veterinary deliveries, and our vehicles include security locking and other safety features to ensure your samples are delivered as safely as possible. We know how vital it is to meet your exact transportation requirements, and can work to provide you with everything you need to make this possible. 


Getting Started with Delivery
At Hawk Couriers, we pride ourselves on being available for our customers 24/7. We know that veterinary hospitals work around the clock to provide care for their patients, which is why our service is always here whenever you need it. 
Whether you’re requesting our help in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, one of our team will be able to get back to you in a matter of minutes. We can take all the appropriate details for us to get started with delivery as quickly as possible. 


The Veterinary Samples Delivery Process
Once we’ve processed your delivery, we’ll assign one of our trained veterinary couriers to collect your samples and safely load them into our delivery vehicle of choice. Your driver will then transport your samples door to door to the requested drop off location. 
We know that the majority of veterinary samples require rapid delivery, and we’ll ensure your needs are met, no matter how specific they may be. 
If your veterinary practice needs to stay informed with delivery progress, there’s no need to give us a call – we’ll send out regular notifications via text message or email to let you know exactly where your samples are at any time. 
Once your order has been delivered successfully, we’ll provide you with an update to let you know. Looking for someone to return your samples within a few hours? Speak to us about our same day drop off and return delivery options. 


Learn More
No matter what sort of service you’re looking for, we’ve got the solution for you. Whether you’re after a one-off delivery or a frequent daily or weekly courier service, we have a range of delivery packages that can ensure your needs are met. 
For more information about our veterinary hospital samples delivery, request a call back and we’ll get in touch at a time that suits you. To get started with delivery, just fill out the form for a free quote, letting us know the exact details of your order.