Lithium Battery Courier Service

Lithium Battery Courier Service
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Lithium Battery Courier Service
If you’re looking for a courier you can trust to safely deliver your lithium batteries across the UK, contact Hawk Couriers today.


Our Lithium Battery Delivery Service
When delivering lithium batteries by road, there’s a lot to keep in mind to ensure safe delivery. Batteries must be handled with care, packaged correctly, and secured and cushioned to avoid damage. 
At Hawk Couriers, our lithium battery delivery drivers are experts in handling, packing and delivering bulk orders of lithium batteries. We’re confident in our ability to transport your lithium battery order to your destination of choice while ensuring minimal risk to your items and our couriers themselves. 


Why Trust Hawk Couriers for Lithium Battery Service?
It’s getting harder and harder to deliver lithium batteries by standard post, as there are so many rules and regulations relating to what you can and can’t do with your parcel. When using standard delivery, you’re also at more risk of your parcel sustaining damage, which could have fairly serious repercussions. 
Our drivers at Hawk Couriers will deliver your lithium battery order personally, ensuring that it’s transported in the safest environment possible. We’ll deliver direct from door to door, so you won’t need to wait for any longer than necessary for delivery. 
As we offer a personalised delivery service, we’ll keep you informed with every step of the delivery process for peace of mind. Just provide us with your contact details and we’ll send you email or SMS updates to let you know when your lithium battery order has been collected, is in transit, and has been delivered successfully. 


Lithium Battery Courier Delivery Locations
We’re a nationwide courier service, with drivers based across England, Scotland and Wales for delivery convenience. When you get in touch for lithium battery delivery, we’ll assign one of our trained and experienced lithium battery delivery drivers to the job. 
Whether you’re looking for shipment across town or across the country, we can help. We deliver to destinations in and around all the major cities in the UK, like London, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Glasgow and Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham, Leeds and Sheffield. We can also deliver to destinations in Europe. 
Delivery of lithium batteries overseas is more difficult, but if we can reach a destination via ferry, we’ll be able to deliver your order by road. Different regions have different rules regarding the shipment of lithium batteries, and we can work with you to ensure overseas delivery runs as smoothly as possible. 


Our Service Options
If you’re looking for a one-time delivery of lithium batteries, we’re happy to be enlisted for the job. Equally, we work with a number of businesses on regular and scheduled lithium battery delivery. In the past, we’ve delivered lithium battery orders for businesses in the manufacturing, I.T., energy and aviation sectors. 


Get in Touch
If you want to know how we can help your business with lithium battery delivery today, the easiest thing to do is to get in touch. Request a free quote or call back from our team, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Lithium Battery Courier Service