How we have helped across the UK during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic!

How we have helped across the UK during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic!
01 Jul, 2020

How we have helped across the UK during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic!

Early 2020 has been an incredibly testing time for us all. No-one could have predicted the arrival of the novel coronavirus, and how it would impact the whole world on a shocking scale. 
While the loss of lives has been devastating, if the pandemic has done one thing, it’s bring together communities like never before. Businesses are reaching out to do their bit for those in need, and strangers are becoming local heroes for their acts of incredible generosity. 

At Hawk Couriers, we felt it was necessary for us to use our position as national same day couriers to assist out in any way we could. It has kept us incredibly busy over these past few months, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have been involved in working with some of the most inspiring people on our frontlines who are tackling the virus head-on. 


Our work for the UK during the coronavirus pandemic has included:

•    Delivering PPE to Hospitals, Health Care Providers, Care Homes, Offices and Distribution Centres                               
PPE has been in short supply since COVID-19 took over the world, but we have stepped in to help with delivery of the last-minute emergency gear that is so desperately needed by our hardworking healthcare staff. 

•    Collected and delivered 1000 litre IBC's of alcohol for companies to manufacture hand gel for the NHS              
One of the biggest things people will take from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer available to kill germs. We have worked to deliver alcohol for businesses that are specifically working to manufacture hand sanitizer for those who need it most.                            

•    Delivered COVID-19 samples to laboratories across the country                            
We’re learning more about coronavirus as the days go by, and testing will remain a very important part of diagnosis and treatment in the months that come. We have spent a good portion of our time delivering COVID-19 samples to laboratories for testing and scientific research. 

•    Delivered Desktop PCs, Laptops, Phones, and Printers for banks and business
With so many businesses shutting down, a large percentage of workers have had to adjust to working from home or remotely. Our team have delivered the technology to make it possible for our essential businesses to continue with their work from the safety of their own home environment.                                

•    Laptop delivery for schools, colleges and universities  
Similarly, our delivery of technology has also applied to educational institutions that have had to shut down early for the summer. We’ve delivered technology to students to allow them to keep up their schoolwork from home. 

•    Delivered food supplies to self-isolating families                                
Many families have had to self-isolate due to having an at-risk member in the household or being exposed to COVID-19. Our couriers have delivered food supplies to these people to help them stay well-fed during the lockdown.

•    Delivered overnight bags to hospital patients staying in
It’s not always possible to prepare for a hospital stay, and we have helped deliver overnight bags to patients who were unaware that they would be hospitalised for coronavirus.