Fragile Goods Delivery Service

Fragile Goods Delivery Service
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Fragile Goods Delivery
At Hawk Couriers, we offer fragile goods delivery for high value, sensitive and fragile items. Call anytime 24/7 to learn more about our fragile goods delivery today.


Tailored Fragile Goods Delivery
When you need a delicate item delivering, trusting in the right couriers for the job is essential. At Hawk Couriers, we know that with a high value or fragile item, every aspect of the delivery process needs to be carefully considered. Proper handling of a delicate item is essential, and the packing and delivery process should be handled with the utmost care. 
Our fragile goods couriers are experienced in the custom fragile delivery process and can dedicate the required attention to ensuring your parcel is delivered with the convenient safety measures in place. 


Fragile Goods Delivery Process
The delivery of Every fragile good starts the same – with a discussion between you and our couriers about your delivery. When you inform us that your delivery is particularly delicate, we can take the right steps to ensure the most careful delivery.
We can evaluate delivery requirements to ensure that your parcel doesn’t sustain damage while in transit. We can guide you in tailor packing and cushioning to suit the exact logistics of delivery, and help to facilitate the safest and most stable transport. 


Industries Requiring Fragile Shipping
If you’re a business looking for fragile shipping, you can rely on Hawk Couriers for all your delivery needs. We regularly cater for one-off and scheduled delivery for a number of industries within the UK, and are equipped to handle small, large, and temperature-sensitive orders. 
Working with the life science industry, we use tailored delivery vehicles to ensure delicate instruments and fragile specimens are delivered damage-free to their final destination. We also work with the electronics industry to deliver sensitive equipment in a safe and timely manner. If you’re an antiques business or an auction house, you can count on us to deliver bulk orders from one location to another with no damage to your artefacts. 


Fragile Goods Delivery Destinations
As a nationwide courier service, Hawk Couriers can deliver your fragile goods anywhere within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on a scheduled or same-day basis. We’re familiar with the routes to and from London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and the other major cities and their surrounding suburbs. We can travel any distance length within the fastest time period possible to safely deliver your sensitive order. 
If you’re looking for overseas fragile delivery, providing your parcel meets the customs requirements of your delivery destination, and fits as a hand luggage item on board a plane, we can personally ensure safe delivery. One of our fragile goods couriers will take the next flight out to your destination of choice, safely stashing your parcel in a secure location. 


Contact Us
For more information about our fragile goods delivery, arrange a call back to speak to a member of our team today. Alternatively, to get started with delivery, request a free quote and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible with the relevant delivery information.  

Fragile Goods Delivery Service