Blood Courier Service

Blood Courier Service
Urgent & Direct Delivery

Blood Courier Service
For laboratories, healthcare and medical businesses across the UK, Hawk Couriers offer trusted delivery of blood samples on an urgent or time critical basis. 


Our Commitment to Blood Delivery
At Hawk Couriers, we have a dedicated team whose sole focus is on blood sample delivery for the healthcare industry. We’ve established a seamless and customizable courier service for delivering blood samples to laboratories, medical establishments, and other businesses that require urgent and frequent delivery of blood samples. 
With decades of years’ experience in the industry, our blood sample couriers understand the importance of quality, precise delivery of your important specimens. We work with our clients to ensure every delivery is perfectly catered for, with extra-secure vehicles and tailored air temperature control. 
The delivery of blood can help save lives, lead to medical breakthroughs, and prologue life. Our couriers are capable of handling the pressure of last-minute or emergency blood orders and will do everything in their power to ensure that your medical service can continue its vital work.


Blood Courier Delivery Specifics
Blood delivery is a serious matter, and we’ll provide a tailored service to help ensure the process runs smoothly. We offer a dedicated collection of your order for last-minute deliveries. We’ll only ever assign one driver to your order, with no switchovers that could cause confusion or slow the process down. 
We use the most up-to-date technology to monitor and control the temperature of your business’ specimens and samples. Additionally, all of our delivery vehicles use GPS monitoring and tracking, and we’ll send out regular delivery updates to help you track your vital blood samples at all times during delivery.  
Our service is UK-wide, with drivers based nationally for your convenience. We’re ready to get started with delivery at a moment’s notice, and we’re on hand to help no matter how last minute your order is. 


Our Tailored Packages
If you need a courier you can depend on for a frequent same day or scheduled deliveries of blood samples, ask about our tailored business packages. We currently work with a number of laboratories and medical establishments to deliver blood samples on a regular basis. We know that frequent, reliable delivery can affect the level of care delivered by medical staff, and we aim to provide the support your business requires to ensure patient needs are met 24/7.

Some of our frequent service options include:
•    Emergency immediate blood delivery
•    Hospital and laboratory scheduled delivery
•    Pharmaceuticals
•    Diagnostic blood specimens
As well as blood specimens, our couriers are trained and experienced in handling a variety of other medical samples and equipment. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the medical sample delivery services we offer. 


Contact Us
Finding a courier you can trust is essential for maintaining the quality service offered by your healthcare industry. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about our delivery options, request a callback and we’ll discuss your needs in detail. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Blood Courier Service