A Guide To Packing And Transporting Fragile Goods

A Guide To Packing And Transporting Fragile Goods
01 Jul, 2018


When you book a same day parcel delivery for a fragile or precious item, you want to know that it will arrive in the same pristine condition it left you in.

Fragile and precious goods can vary in size and type. It could be a sample being transported to a laboratory for analysis, a valuable piece of art, or a time-sensitive legal document. You might even need a direct parcel delivery for transporting heavy items, stock or merchandise.

How you pack your item is just as important as how it’s delivered, which is why it’s beneficial to think ahead when it comes to direct parcel delivery.


The Art of Packing
Before booking a local express company it’s important to ensure your goods are well packaged. This will help protect your item and ensure they are handled the right way.

•    For flat items that can damage easily, use bubble wrap, place in a protective package and use brown paper for wrapping.
•    For larger items, or those that need greater protection, enclose in a protective box or crate, ensuring it’s safe and secure.
•    If you have an item that requires a freight courier service, you may want to consider banding or strapping that’s made from plastic or steel to keep it secure on the pallet.
•    Shrink wrapping is ideal for all (non-document) deliveries, to keep items in place.
•    If you have urgent documents, international or UK bound, be sure to use a hard-backed envelope or a tube roll, to prevent bending.
•    Some items, such as plants and medical samples needs to be kept upright. If this is the case with your item, ensure you include any specific instructions, like a ‘This way up’ sign printed on the box.
•    If you have a particularly challenging item to transport and you don’t know how to package it, speak to your courier delivery service. They will be able to advise what materials to use.
•    When you have an urgent package delivery and don’t have much time, your local supermarket is a great resource for unwanted cardboard that can be reused.
•    Finally, don’t forget to ensure the delivery address is clearly written across your package and it’s labelled with ‘FRAGILE’ on all sides.


Booking Your Same Day Parcel Courier
Ahead of booking a same day parcel courier, it’s advisable to weigh and measure your package. This will help the booking advisor determine the right vehicle to transport your goods, potentially saving you money too.

Once you’re ready to book, call a trusted courier delivery service, such as Hawk Couriers. With a network of over 3,000 couriers and more than 14 vehicle types to choose from, it makes getting your package from A to Z easy.

When speaking to the advisor inform them of your goods being oversize or fragile. They will be able to book a suitable vehicle suited to your needs. This information will also be passed on to the same day collection courier in advance.


Get Ready for Arrival
Although all couriers vary, a fast delivery courier service will collect your package in under an hour. 

Upon arrival reiterate any key details to the courier in handling your goods. Before you know it they’ll be safely on their way.